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Band & Orchestra Equipment

Music is A Life-Long Skill That is Fun.

Studies show that children who play an instrument develop good habits, improve their social skills, and become better readers! (University of Arizona) Recent studies have scientifically proven that young minds can develop more intelligence through exposure to music! (University of California, Irvine) We have always known that music is fun and good for us, but now we have science agreeing!



Take home any eligible instrument for a single fee of $40 (+ tax); saxes, cellos, & French horns $60 (+ tax). Before your trial period ends, choose the plan that works best for you.

1. Purchase the instrument at the end of the trial period. 100% of your trial will be applied to the purchase.

2. Rental (through end of the school year) – Qualify by signing our Visa, Mastercard or Discover Authorization on the rental contract. We will charge your card on the due date for each month’s rental. Most instruments $30.00, cellos, sax & French horns $50.00. 100% of your payments count towards purchase.

3. If music is not working out for your child, simply return the instrument any time during the rental period without obligation. You are responsible for any excessive wear & tear or damage

String Instrument Maintenance

  • Be sure to wipe off rosin with polish cloth after each use.
  • Make sure to loosen the bow after each use.
  • Avoid over-tightening of the bow.

Special Care Instructions

  • When not playing the instrument, always return it to the case.
  • Avoid temperature extremes or direct sunlight.
  • Also try to keep the humidity at moderate levels by using an instrument humidifier.
  • Once a month on cellos and basses, wipe down strings using steel wool.
  • Check seams, bridge and bow occasionally.
  • If pegs slip, use peg compound to prevent slippage.
  • Once every few years the instrument can be cleaned using an instrument wood polish (do not use furniture polish).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I keep my child interested in playing?
A: Encouragement! Have your child practice at least a little every day. Sing or play along. Record their practices. Practice with friends. Make it fun!!

Q: What if the instrument should become stolen or damaged?
A: You will need to pay for the loss or damage. Most homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policies provide coverage for this. Please check with your agent.

Q: Can I just keep renting?
A: YES! Your rental will be billed to your credit card each month. 100% of your payments can count towards purchase.

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