Pro Sound Equipment

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Pro Sound Equipment
QSC K-series

QSC K-series

Come to Sioux Falls Music and hear the new QSC K-series powered speakers. The Subs have two 12's and 1000 watts of power; serious thump! The tops come with an 8, 10 or 12 and a horn and are bi-amplified - again, with 1000 watts of power! There is a two channel mixer built into the tops, so they can be used as a stand-alone system, with or without the subs. The 10 and 12 inch versions are also cut to be used as a monitor. The 8 inch cabinet is too small for the cut.

Other Pro Sound Gear We Carry

Other Pro Sound Gear We Carry

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What Can We Do For Your Organization?

At Sioux Falls Music, we also do professional sound system installations. We have done churches, both large and small, restaurants, schools and retirement communities.

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