Available at Sioux Falls Music

Sioux Falls Music has a small but very handy rental department!

Behringer B112D 1000 watt speaker

$55.00 per day

One wireless microphone
Speaker stand
iPod cable

Medium size Yamaha PA

$75.00 per day

Yamaha EMX512 8 channel powered mixer
2 speakers with 15" woofers
2 wired microphones
All stands and cables.

Yamaha StagePas 600i

$75.00 per day

Stagepas 600i with cables
2 Speaker Stands
2 microphone stands
2 microphones with cables

Anchor Liberty 4500 powered speaker

$25.00 per day

JBL EON15 powered speaker with speaker stand

$25.00 per day

Roland RD300 keyboard, with stand and bench

$50.00 per day

Shure Handheld SM58 wireless microphone

$15.00 per day

Shure lapel wireless microphone

$15.00 per day

Shure SM58 wired microphone, with cable

$5.00 per day